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Jinan Ruiyun Kexin Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise founded by the contributors of Jinan Huaxia Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (former Jinan Huaxia Electrical Equipment Factory). Located in Xingjia Village, Gaoer Town, Licheng District, Jinan, it is mainly engaged in electronic and electrical equipment, covering an area of 9,000m2 and a building area of 5,000m2. Staffed with a lot of senior and medium-level engineering technology research personnel, economic management personnel, college-degree graduates and other elites in the industry, the company has gathered rich experience in automobile part manufacturing and powerful design and development capacity, firstly realized the localization of automobile electronic igniters and various sensors, as the key manufacturer of automobile parts in Jinan. Its HX-1 ignition controller won the title of “National....


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Service Hotline:0531-82802987
Service Hotline:0531-82802987 Service Hotline:0531-82802987
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