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Electronic Ignition Unit Series

HX-1 Type

Applications & Function Features

The product, with functions of auto adjustment of ignition dwell angle, voltage clamp output, auto current off protection at zero speed, overvoltage protection, protection of battery opposite connection and frequency signal output, is widely used in contactless electronic ignition system for carburetor engine to realize high-energy ignition, and is contributed to save fuel, improve exhaust emission, and realize easy start at low temperature, few maintenance and high reliability.

Parameters Table

Model Working VoltageV(DC) Rated Working Temperature℃ Input signal voltage Output limit current Output clamp voltage Working frequency(Hz) Auto current off time of at zero speed
HX-1 type 12~14 -30~125 ≥160mV (2Hz) 6.3±0.3A 360±30V 2~300 <1S

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