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Pressure Sensor Series

YCG-1CK(Dual Output)

Applications & Function Features

It is applied to engine gasoline pressure display system to converse the gasoline pressure into continuously changeable resistance value or voltage signal (case ground). It is of double-way output: one way output resistance or voltage signal and the other is low voltage alarm switch. The one with single resistance output has no alarm switch output; for the one with voltage output, one way is connected the power supply and the other is connected with output. It has the features of multiple functions, high flexibility, wide voltage adaptability scope and high reliability.

Parameters Table

Model Working Voltage
Resistance/ Voltage Values Working Pressure(Mpa) Alarm Pressure(Mpa) Thread Matched Type
YCG-1CK 12~24V 0~296Ω 0~0.6 0.09~0.05 M10×1-6g Export

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